About Us

Your A-team in financial operations

We provide all-inclusive financial operations for honest business owners like you, without the hefty costs of employing a finance team.

We put our heart into your numbers, roll up our sleeves to work on your business growth.

Ruth Howe, Director

Everything is possible if you have the right foundations and the right people to guide you.

Karl Howe, Director

Your outsourced finance department

We are a family business with an outstanding track record of managing the finances of small and medium-sized companies in various industries. We have an impressive and long-standing client list ranging from hospitality to construction and even to charities. We are proud to say that no one has left us out of dissatisfaction.

The perfect skill set of a CFO and a Business Growth Expert

We started bluepath after a good number of years in the corporate world with founders Karl and Ruth bringing different and complementary skill sets to the table. We have over decade-long careers in technology and commodities. Delivering Sales and marketing to running operations and delivering growth. Running back office and managing futures in highly competitive markets.

Karl, our Business Growth Expert and Technologist, not only assists our clients with keeping up with technology but also shows them how to make the best use of it for their businesses and processes.
Ruth is our clients’ financial expert, with her acting as the virtual CFO for them.

As we take care of your accounting needs, we are perfectly positioned to also manage other operational areas in your company such as HR and business advice.

Ruth and Karl are joined by a team of experts who all roll up their sleeves to take your business to the blue sky.

Who are our clients

Our clients are honest and dynamic business owners with an entrepreneurial spirit, passionate about their businesses and their clients.

They often come to us after being let down by their current service provider and we are happy to show them the difference working with us. bluepath are their allies who they can trust without having to look over their shoulders.

We work with businesses across various industries; construction, retail, hospitality, recruitment, Fintech, charity and many others. For us it is about the people in the business and their vision for their business.

bluepath benefits

17 years of our own development, growth and adaptation to markets – we have seen it all and helped all kinds of cases.

More than bookkeeping – we advise you on your whole financial operation. You can trust us – you can talk to us with confidence and we’ll act on what we promise.

Leading technology – we are a Xero Bronze Partner and partner with other specialists Cloud service providers such as Datamolino, Deputy, Futrli and Soldo. Understanding and utilising such partners and technology, give us the opportunities to streamline processes and operations and deliver the paperless environment for our clients.

Unlimited access – when you need us, we are here: text, email, call us or let’s meet face to face.

Fixed fee services – you don’t have to worry about having too many questions.

There are no stupid questions

Ask any questions, any time, it is our job to answer them.

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