Good Harbour Trading Limited

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Company Background?

Good Harbour Trading Ltd own and operate the Portobello Road Gin Company- an iconic London gin brand. In 2016, they expanded operations, opening a four-floor hospitality venue called The Distillery. Within their multifaceted business, they coordinate the distribution of their award-winning gin, as well as managing The Distillery which houses bars, dining, guest lodgings and their unique gin-blending experience, The Ginstitute.

What role does bluepath play in your business?

bluepath has been with us since the start, playing a vital role in the growth and development of our business. As we have diversified and expanded, Ruth, Karl and the team have been able to help us with all aspects of finance and operations.

Ruth is a talented and approachable bookkeeper who manages everything from our current expenses, VAT, and credit control, to forecasting and planning for our future. Beyond bookkeeping, bluepath’s consulting and operations services have been invaluable. All business owners can relate to the uncertainty of starting a new venture, implementing an unfamiliar process or being unsure about a major business decision. We can turn to bluepath if we need assistance with financial management, operations, payroll or HR.

We know and trust that bluepath has our best interests at heart and strives to find innovative ways to make our business better. Whether we need support related to our staff members in London or to negotiate with an international supplier, we can count on bluepath.

How has bluepath impacted your company?

bluepath repeatedly delivers resourceful solutions to strengthen our business. We can trust them to manage the financial side of our business, while we focus on the day-to-day operations. This peace of mind has allowed us to grow, expand, and improve. We frequently turn to bluepath when we need to find a resolution to a problem or investigate a new concept. Ruth, Karl and the team often take ownership and control, quickly responding with creative and practical ideas.

A significant challenge we faced in 2020, along with the entire hospitality industry, was coping and surviving the COVID-19 pandemic. We were plagued with uncertainty, but bluepath remained a constant and reliable source of support at every turn.

Not only did they ensure we were in control of our finances during lockdown, they guided us through the rapidly changing legislation and government requirements. This removed an immense amount of stress knowing that our finances were being handled by a team who genuinely cares. As well as supporting the management and operations teams, bluepath assisted our staff with furloughing and advice, treating them with the same respect, patience and understanding as their own.

Reopening after lockdown required extensive planning and preparation. We needed training and assistance to create a safe environment for our staff and customers. Once again, bluepath were able to deliver. Karl quickly produced an online training portal that our staff could access from home. Not only did this ensure our staff remained connected and engaged, but it increased their readiness to return.

Throughout COVID-19, Ruth checked on our finances regularly, working closely with suppliers to keep tight control on cashflow. Their efforts during the pandemic, combined with their proven expertise and readiness to help, make us feel more confident about our future in the most challenging time in our history.

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