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Jakes Bar - Akito Limited case study
Oporto - Akito Limited case study
Neon Cactus - Akito Limited case study
PCL - Akito Limited case study

Company Background:

Akito Ltd is owner of a four, trendy food and entertainment venues in Leeds including Oporto, Jake’s Bar and Still, Neon Cactus and Power, Lies & Corruption. The venues are located on the same road in Leeds, each with their own unique offering and branding.

Why did we appoint bluepath?

We took over operations in 2018, so we are a relatively young company and since then the journey has been one big rollercoaster ride. bluepath were the financial consultants/ accountants for the company with the previous owner and we saw no reason to replace them. So, we stuck with them and that was one of the best decisions we made.

Akito Limited business finance case study

How has bluepath impacted our company?

Karl, Ruth and the bluepath team have been invaluable to our company. We are not finance people… our experience and focus is in the hospitality industry and we needed someone who could guide us with our finances and have our best interest at heart. When we started, we had inherited debt, opened a new venue and through all the sleepless nights, Karl and Ruth were a phone call away. They manage all things finance for our company including bookkeeping, payroll, weekly management reports, purchase ledgers… all the usual accounting and finance services a company would need.

However, they do and are much more… especially during Covid-19, when the rug was pulled out from under our feet overnight. During this time, they have gone above and beyond. Knowing and understanding the challenging situation we were in, they sprang into action instantly and took charge of all the government schemes we were entitled – obtaining loans and grants, organising furloughs, managing our cash flow and negotiating with our suppliers on payment plans and strategies. It has been an extremely stressful time for our company and Karl, Ruth and the team have taken the weight off by treating our company and finances like it was their own.

Their knowledge and experience in all things financial have been second to none. They are proactive and creative with their suggestions and plans and I can say with confidence that we would have struggled without them during the Covid-19 pandemic. For a young company to be able to stay afloat during a crisis like this requires a strong and robust financial head and that is exactly what bluepath have been for us.

If I had to describe bluepath in three words, I would say … super-efficient, nimble and well-informed. For us at Akito, we have and continue to feel ‘looked after’ by the bluepath team.

“A super-friendly team, bluepath has always ‘got our back’ and it’s one less thing we have to do. They are part of our team and family.”

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