Are your processes keeping up with your business?

Today we consider the question: are your processes keeping up with your business? This is something that every business owner should reflect upon frequently. Not only does it consider business growth and industry change, but it also acts as a reminder of the importance of business processes and their influence on every aspect of your […]

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What is the difference between payroll, HR and bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping, payroll and HR are important aspects of any businesses’ financial operations. While they may seem like separate services, this article will highlight how they are very much interconnected. What are the differences between bookkeeping, payroll and HR services? BOOKKEEPING Bookkeeping is the task of maintaining records for accounting and other business purposes. Bookkeepers are […]

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What could a great bookkeeper do for your business?

The average small business owner spends approximately 15 hours a week completing financial admin tasks. If bookkeeping tasks are becoming overwhelming and time-consuming for you, then this article will help you take the next steps in finding a bookkeeper for your business. We’ll explain the duties of a bookkeeper, what to look for when hiring […]

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predicting cashflow impact

Predicting Your Cashflow and its Impact

Managing cashflow is an essential task for businesses of every size and type. This article will outline the importance of predicting cashflow and guide you through the steps of creating a cashflow forecast.   What is cashflow?   Cashflow describes the movement of money in and out of your business. Your business can either have […]

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Business tools for financial growth

Determining the Best Models and Practices for Your Business Growth

Determining the Best Models and Practices for Your Business Growth   Does your business model support growth? When was the last time you assessed your business models and practices? Read on to learn growth tools and practices for business and how to design a winning business model.   Business tools for growth   It’s essential […]

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people are your most important business asset

People: Understanding Your Most Important Asset

If asked to determine your company’s most important asset, you might initially say your products, branding or intellectual property. After reading this article, you will discover that it is, in fact, your people. Despite intangible assets being significant, they are not possible or profitable without the support of your workforce.   Here are six reasons […]

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practical uses of benchmarking your business finance

The Practical Uses of Benchmarking Your Business

How does your business compare to your competitors? Are you underperforming or overachieving so far this year? Who is your top performing employee and why? These types of questions can be accurately answered by benchmarking. Read on to find out why it’s important and how it can be used to benefit your business.   Benchmarking […]

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Business Guide to Recovering from a Pandemic

Your Business Guide to Recovering from a Pandemic

COVID-19 affected small, medium and large businesses across the globe. Widespread lockdowns, economic uncertainty and fear caused consumers to stop spending and business doors to slam shut. It has been a challenging experience for many, but we must look forward and plan for the future. This article offers a simple, 5-step financial recovery plan. For […]

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Protect Your Business and Finances from Risk

6 Ways to Protect Your Business from Risk

Minimising risk should be a priority for all businesses, particularly in today’s uncertain and unpredictable economy. There are many forms of risks, including financial, safety and operational, which can be managed using various approaches.   Here are six ways to protect your business from risk.   1. Know your numbers   At Bluepath, we know […]

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Small Business Outsourcing IT, Marketing, HR and Admin

Could Your Small Business Outsource IT, Marketing, HR or Admin?

Common Wisdom recently published an article investigating the various outsourcing areas available to small businesses. Before you read about what aspects of your business can be outsourced, here are five benefits of outsourcing you may not have considered.   Free up time. When you outsource certain areas of your business, you free up time for […]

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