What is the difference between payroll, HR and bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping, payroll and HR are important aspects of any businesses’ financial operations. While they may seem like separate services, this article will highlight how they are very much interconnected. What are the differences between bookkeeping, payroll and HR services? BOOKKEEPING Bookkeeping is the task of maintaining records for accounting and other business purposes. Bookkeepers are […]

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What could a great bookkeeper do for your business?

The average small business owner spends approximately 15 hours a week completing financial admin tasks. If bookkeeping tasks are becoming overwhelming and time-consuming for you, then this article will help you take the next steps in finding a bookkeeper for your business. We’ll explain the duties of a bookkeeper, what to look for when hiring […]

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Protect Your Business and Finances from Risk

6 Ways to Protect Your Business from Risk

Minimising risk should be a priority for all businesses, particularly in today’s uncertain and unpredictable economy. There are many forms of risks, including financial, safety and operational, which can be managed using various approaches.   Here are six ways to protect your business from risk.   1. Know your numbers   At Bluepath, we know […]

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Small Business Outsourcing IT, Marketing, HR and Admin

Could Your Small Business Outsource IT, Marketing, HR or Admin?

Common Wisdom recently published an article investigating the various outsourcing areas available to small businesses. Before you read about what aspects of your business can be outsourced, here are five benefits of outsourcing you may not have considered.   Free up time. When you outsource certain areas of your business, you free up time for […]

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when to outsource your business

When Should Your Business Outsource?

Outsourcing non-core functions is an excellent option for growing businesses. During the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses turned to third parties to reduce their workload and access expert advice. Looking forward, companies are opting to continue outsourcing to cut costs and focus on their primary duties.   With opportunities to outsource marketing, admin, accounting, bookkeeping, HR, […]

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